8 Things That You Didn’t Know about Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress

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Princess Diana, Princess of Wales or Lady Dee, as her fans called her, was an incredible person. She was the first wife of Charles, the Prince of Wales, and the mother of two remarkable sons – William, direct heir to the throne (after his father), and the eccentric guy Harry. She was admired by millions, but the terrible catastrophe in August 31, 1997, took the life of one of the most important persons of the last century. This year (2017) marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Lady Diana.

This article is devoted to interesting things about the wedding dress of Princess Diana.

Princess Diana’s bridal gown is considered one of the most expensive outfits in the fashion history. It is not surprising, because it was made of tons of silk, taffeta and lace. It also had 10 000 pearl beads and diamonds.

The Princess of Wales dress became iconic. It fascinated all people with its splendor and beauty. The image of Lady Dee was planned with great consideration to detail.


  1. Diana’s Dress Hardly Fit in the Carriage

Princess Diana wanted to make a train as long as possible (because of this it was almost 9 meters in length). Therefore, difficulties arose when the bride got into the wedding carriage. Her gorgeous dress filled the whole carriage and blocked her movements.


  1. Diana Wore Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something blue

In England, there is a wedding tradition – a bride needs to wear all of the above listed items. The image of Lady Dee included a new gold horseshoe with diamonds, an old handmade lace, a borrowed 18th century tiara, and a small blue bow sewn into her belt.


  1. A Gold Horseshoe was Sewn in the Blue Bow on the Belt

This is a traditional element of wedding jewelry, which promises good luck in the marriage life. The horseshoe, which was attached with a pin to the bow on the wedding dress, was made of white gold with diamonds.


  1. Before the Wedding Ceremony, Princess Diana Put a Stain on Her Dress

Almost just before the coming-out, the Princess of Wales put a stain on her wedding dress. She spilled perfume on the fabric. It left a visible trail, but Diana hoped that it would not be noticed.


  1. Diana’s Veil Had Almost the Same Length as the Train

Lady Dee wanted a magnificent ceremony, so her image matched her wishes. Veil, which cascaded on the embroidered dress, was made of about 137 meters of the finest tulle.


  1. Diana’s Wedding Shoes Were Sewn for Six Months

Diana’s shoes were hardly visible from under the hem of the dress, but they were also handcrafted. The shoes were made of 542 paillettes and 132 pearls, which were sewn in the form of a heart. The sole was also painted manually and marked with “C” and “D” initials.


  1. Diana Had an Umbrella that Perfectly Suited Her Wedding Attire

An umbrella was sewn in case it would rain. It ideally suited the dress.