Makassar Attraction Sites for Snorkeling and Diving

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Located in South Sulawesi of Indonesia, Makassar is a city which is famous of its tropical charm and diving spots paradise. There are many Makassar Attraction Sites which you can find in this city especially for diving and snorkeling. Beautiful coral reefs and colorful fishes are the extraordinary scenery which you will see in the crystal clear sea of Makassar. There are some diving spots which mostly located at separated island, and can be suitable place for escaping from city crowd. These places also popular of its seafood culinary which you can try at restaurants nearby diving spots.

  1. Samalona Island

The island is not too far from the city of Makassar, can be reached by traveling using a wooden boat for approximately 30 minutes. One of the benefits of tourism on this island is the beauty of the underwater is very famous. For those of you who want to try diving and snorkeling, you can rent equipment already provided by the tour manager here. To be able to rent the equipment needed for snorkeling you simply pay the rental fee of $ 10. The underwater scenery on Samalona Island is quite breathtaking. At the time of diving you can find a variety of small colorful sea fish, coral reefs, and occasionally also seen sea horses. The water is very clear you can see clearly all the marine biota that is beneath it. However, you still have to be careful because in the shallow waters of Samalona Island there are many sea urchins

  1. KodingarengKeke

KodingarengKeke is an uninhabited Island with a clean white sand and very crystal clear sea water. This island is mainly famous for diving spot with reserved coral reefs and many variant of colorful fishes. You can visit this island by crossing the sea from Losari beach by boats. In fact, this island doesn’t have any restaurant or hotels on it, so that you need prepare all your diving preparations by yourself. Do not forget to bring enough water and meal in case you are hungry.

  1. Galesong Beach

This beach is pretty close with Losari beach. Even so, here you can enjoy playing water on narrow sand, and rent a room nearby the sea. The amazing Makassar Attraction in this beach can be seen from its calm wave especially in the morning. Visitors who like to swim in the sea can enjoy the warmth of sea water in the morning. Managers provide buoys for visitors who want to rent. Visitors can also rent a traditional boat that is always stand by the beach either for the purpose of traveling around enjoying the adventure at sea while enjoying the scenery of the activities of the fishermen and visitors can rent the boat for fishing.

Visiting those places will make you enjoy tropical Makassar Attraction. For that, make sure you have packed enough sun block, sunscreen, and swim suits, to enjoy the attractions. Do not forget to make reservations in hotel which is available in some of those islands. Besides diving and snorkeling, you can also enjoy some water sport in Makassar like jet sky, banana boat, and so on.